Matoshree Parable’s

Letter to Parents

Manisha Kashid

Chairman - Founder President - Shree Pralhadrao Kashid Foundation
Chairman - Principal - The Matoshree National School
Ex-Senate Member - S.N.D.T. University
Ex-President - Social Justice Department, Pune District
Ex-Registrar - SGI Group of Institute

Dear Parents,

I warmly welcome you to The Matoshree National School.

We have the proud to be a distinguished school that provides a wonderfully vibrant learning environment that is hands-on, engaging, and fun.  The school is filled with inspiring learning centres where students are encouraged to imagine and build, engineer and design, model and create.  Science, technology, the arts and mathematics are masterfully integrated to create a wholesome curriculum with a wide range of activities for children of all interests and abilities.

Principal - Director- Matoshree National School

The interactive and interdisciplinary approach fosters critical thinking, active collaboration, creative exploration, and effective communication – skills, competencies and attitudes integral to future success.

We place great importance on pastoral care. Our staff of highly qualified and experienced teachers is committed to knowing, understanding every child, and leading them to their personal best.   Because their voices and opinions are valued, our students freely express their curiosity and creativity, and grow in confidence as learners. We help our students balance the rigorous programmes of study with extracurricular activities so that they develop their individual interests, passions, and talents.

We offer an exceptional medley enrichment programmes for our students .These programmes provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of areas including sports, visual and performing art forms.

We recognize that our ability to continue to flourish as a school depends on a solid partnership among students, staff and parents. It will always be our endeavour to build positive, trusting and long lasting relationships to support our students to be confident and highly successful individuals.

I invite you to visit the school to see all the wonderful things that are happening at The Matoshree National School,Warje,Pune.


Manisha Kashid.

Founder - Chairman- Shree PraladhRao Kashid Foundation

Principal - Director- Matoshree National School